Picture Framing Tuition UK

Canvas Stretching & Framing

1 Day
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19 students

Master the best methods & know the correct materials for stretching a canvas. From inexpensive holiday souvenirs, to fine art stretched to museum standards. Learn correct framing techniques & understand the influence that framing a canvas has on picture frame design.

One to one picture framing tuition £400 (one to two courses can be arranged).

Framing courses based at our premises include framing materials, Fine Art Trade Guild ‘Guild Certified Framer’ Study Guide, Certificate of Attendance, tea, coffee & cold drinks, fresh pastries & cakes & a selection of fresh fruit.


A hands on course which will give you a full understanding of different types of art on ‘canvas’, how to support & frame them correctly & how to select framing that will display canvas based art at its best.

  • Identifying types of canvas & similar substrates. Understanding the framing challenges associated with each & how these challenges may vary with age.
  • Examining, handling & storage.
  • Preparing textile art for stretching, including how to approach:
    • Cleaning.
    • Repairing.
    • Varnishing.
    • Lining & re-lining.
    • Conservation.
    • Strip lining
  • Stretching:
    • Stretching or straining?
    • Types of stretcher bar.
    • When to use cross bars.
    • Correct sizing & assembly.
    • Tacks or staples?
    • How to stretch correctly: order of stretching, spacing between tacks/staples, tautness, gallery wrap or traditional presentation, importance of borders, correct tools.
    • Corners & excess canvas.
    • Wedges: types, placement, securing, keying out.
  • Framing:
    • To glaze or not to glaze?
    • Correct spacing
    • Slips & large lips.
    • Bumpers.
    • Pre-stretched canvases.
    • Attaching a canvas into a frame.


  • Beginner (never framed or minimal experience).
  • Intermediate (experience of basic mount cutting & frame construction).

Target audiences

  • Anybody who wants to gain in-depth, knowledge of stretching/supporting canvases, & similar materials, up to conservation level. It would help if you have some framing experience, but it is not essential.