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Textile Framing

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Learn how to identify, support, mount & frame a wide range of textile artwork, including clothing & 3-D items.

One to one picture framing tuition £400 (one to two courses can be arranged).

Framing courses based at our premises include framing materials, Fine Art Trade Guild ‘Guild Certified Framer’ Study Guide, Certificate of Attendance, tea, coffee & cold drinks, fresh pastries & cakes & a selection of fresh fruit.


A great mixture of practical & theory, covering a broad range of textile support & framing techniques, to ensure an excellent all round knowledge of textile framing.

  • Identifying types of textile art & understanding the framing challenges associated with each.
  • Examining & handling differing types of textile art.
  • Preparing textile art for framing:
    • Squaring/blocking needlework.
    • How to approach cleaning, repairs & conservation.
  • Correct storage.
  • Methods of support & correct support materials:
    • Pinning.
    • Lacing.
    • Tight fit
    • Newberry method.
    • Full support sewing.
    • Light tack.
    • Donor fabrics.
    • Fabric extensions.
    • Padding.
    • Hinging.
  • Framing textile art:
    • Conservation framing.
    • Allowing enough depth & space.
    • Suitable glazing.
    • Great frame design for textile art.
  • Clothing & 3-D textiles.


  • Intermediate (experience of basic mount cutting & frame construction).
  • Advanced (competent in all areas of standard frame construction).

Target audiences

  • Those that have an understanding of basic framing techniques & wish to gain an in-depth knowledge of supporting, mounting & framing textile art.